Month: June 2017

My Week Working for a Content Mill: 6 Things That I Learned

One of the very first freelance gigs I ever landed was for a content mill, a concept the existence of which I was blissfully unaware at the time. Because it was my first time selling my work to an independent...

/ June 24, 2017

My Number One Golden Rule for New Writers

Let me preface this article with a disclaimer: This blog post does not contain the secret to instant success and reading it won’t necessarily make you the next Stephen King or Jeffrey Archer. But it does contain a recipe for...

/ June 24, 2017

My First Website: 6 Mistakes I Made (So You Don’t Have To)

Like most young freelance writers just starting out, I had heady ambitions of one day seeing my byline appear in some respected, high-brow publication like The New York Times or the Financial Mail. But I realized that I would first...

/ June 24, 2017