Month: July 2017

Shareable content

Virology 101: How to Create Shareable Content

When I was young, viruses were things to be avoided at all costs, and “going viral” meant that one had come down with a case of the measles and had to be quarantined right away. Nowadays, going viral is a...

/ July 29, 2017

How to Build Your First WordPress Blog From Scratch in 4 Easy Steps

There are plenty of blogs and tutorials out there explaining the strategic side of starting your own blog, for example finding your niche, promoting via social media, etc. Let me be clear, those things are über important and essential to...

/ July 27, 2017

3 Easy Steps to Setting Up Your Communications Strategy

A brand – even if it’s your personal one – without a communications strategy is a bit like a ship without a captain, sailing blindly to some unknown destination with no clear plan of how to get there or what...

/ July 25, 2017

How Blogging Helped Me Regain a Sense of Purpose

As seen on The Mighty and Thrive Global I’ve always been very open about my past struggles with anxiety and depression. It’s not something I chose, and it’s not even always due to external factors. It’s just the result of some...

/ July 24, 2017

Travel Blogging Part 2: My Own Attempt

Following the overwhelming response to my article on travel blogging, I decided to try my own hand at the craft to see whether I had any potential as a travel blogger. I then set to work documenting my honeymoon last...

/ July 23, 2017