Do you have a knack for descriptive language and suffer from a terminal a case of wanderlust? Then you’ll be very excited to know that travel blogging has actually become a very lucrative online pastime, and has the potential to attract significant traffic from people wanting to learn from your experiences, or just wanting to live vicariously through them.

You don’t even necessarily have to leave your country of residence or even your home state to become a travel blogger. If there are hidden gems in your vicinity that others might not know about, and you are able to paint a stunning picture with your words, you are well on your way to becoming a travel blogger.

Travel blogging

How do I become a travel blogger?

In broad strokes, there are two ways of becoming a travel blogger.

The first is to pitch to an existing travel blog and, if they accept your pitch, you can submit articles directly to them. This isn’t always easy as existing and established blogs are usually quite picky with regards to the content that they accept, but it’s still worth a try. Some of them will even pay you (handsomely) for your articles.

The second way is to start your own travel blog. This is infinitely easier, though you won’t see any monetary benefits right away. If you’re planning to start your own blog, a good idea might be to accept guest posts from established bloggers in order to build your repertoire.

If the content on your blog is exceptional, and you have built up a library of articles, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing meaningful traffic. Once that happens, you can monetize your blog by, for example, signing up for a Google AdSense account.

I struggle to think of a more rewarding way to earn money than writing about your travels to exotic places and documenting your encounters with different cultures.

Below, I’ve curated some tips for creating a great travel blog:

  • Lots and lots of photos. Have a photographer buddy? Team up with him or her and populate your blog with striking visuals of your forays. Alternatively, just take the pics yourself! Unless you’re planning on entering a competition, they don’t have to be of award-winning quality
  • Use descriptive language. Use adverbs to describe things, immerse your readers so that it feels like they’re actually visiting the places that you write about. Involve all five senses in your writing.
  • Include some travel tips. These can be about staying safe and healthy, or a sightseeing map of the best attractions. Perhaps include a list of the best places to eat on a budget.
  • Make your headlines attractive and novel. An example might be something like A Backpacker’s Guide to Central Asia or The Balkans on a Budget

Bonus infographic

travel blogging

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