I recently started spending quite a bit of time on Quora.

Quora, for those of you who don’t know, is a community question and answer forum, and I got interested in it for two reasons:

  1. I am passionate about sharing knowledge, and imparting what I know on others gives me a major rush;
  2. I was looking for some inspiration for a future blog series.

As I suspected, it turned out to be a wellspring of fresh ideas and helped me to get a better idea of what kind of conversations are taking place around the topics that I’m most interested in, namely copywriting, content marketing, communication science and mental health.

So, to kick off my series of information-driven posts pertaining to the abovementioned subjects, I’ve decided to do a round-up of the most frequently asked questions, along with the answers that I provided.

Note that these are actual questions that appeared on Quora, although some of them may have been edited for clarity.

Question: Does link building, including forums, business listings, and profiles, have an effect on a website?

My answer: Absolutely! In fact, quality backlinks from reputable sites are invaluable with regards to generating traffic and building your website’s credibility and authority which, in turn, is fantastic for SEO.

Question: How can I do marketing for free?

My answer: Well, there are a number of ways.

It really depends on what you would like to market, but social media probably offers the best way to do free marketing.

You can create a Facebook page and Twitter account for your business, invite your friends and encourage them to extend the invitation to their own networks. That way, when you do post content (assuming it is relevant and of good quality), you can get maximum reach and, ideally, engagement.

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You may also want to consider email campaigns – MailChimp is free up to a certain number of subscribers/emails.

But do be cognizant of the of the direct marketing laws in your country.

Ultimately, the best free marketing comes from word of mouth.

If you are able to provide a high-quality product/service, chances are you can get some really good mileage without spending much. I would really suggest giving the social media thing a try, though.

Question: Is Facebook the best and most effective way of marketing?

Well, it can be both (or neither), depending on how you use it.

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It’s certainly one of the more cost-effective ways of marketing compared to more traditional avenues, such as print.

But, what I like most about Facebook marketing, is that it allows for targeting and it’s easy to measure results.

I frequently use Facebook for marketing purposes, and you can get a lot of mileage without spending too much at all. A word of caution, though: it takes a bit of trial and error and fine-tuning to find what works for your brand, but I’ve always found it to be worth it. Give it a try!

Question: Facebook post shares do not drive link clicks. Is there a way to drive visitors through Facebook posts?

My answer: I would suggest perhaps running a Facebook ad and setting your objective as “web traffic”. Alternatively, you can “boost” one of your posts by putting some money behind it, which will expose it to a much wider audience. You will also be able to design your target audience based on demographics, interests, etc., which will also make people more likely to engage.

Question: On Facebook, will I achieve better results if I create separate ads for each country I am targeting?

My answer: That might be useful since countries differ in terms of cultural sensibilities, nuances, what they find interesting and appealing, etc. Facebook does allow split testing, which I find really cool.

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Question: How is an effective marketing plan made?

My answer: Check out this article about creating an effective marketing/comms plan in 3 easy steps.

Question: What types of ads does Facebook have?

My answer: Quite a few. Page like ads, lead generation ads, ads that drive traffic to your website, as well as “boosted” or promoted posts. Those are the most popular.

Question: Is the demand for copywriters higher now than it was before the Internet?

Answer: I would definitely say so, since the promulgation of online marketing has meant that there is a requirement for writers who are able to create content for websites of which, as I’m sure you’ll know, there are many! Not everyone who has a website hires a copywriter, of course, but those that insist on quality content are likely to commission a professional.

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Question: How important is copywriting in advertising?

My answer: Copywriting is integral to advertising since the vast majority of ads rely on written as well as visual content, and the copywriter will be in charge of writing the word for the ad (the copy) and, quite possibly, coming up with the theme/concept for the campaign.

Question: How do I get organic traffic to my website?

My answer: It’s going to take time, patience and a lot of hard work, but some of the factors that contribute to a healthy flow of organic traffic are:

-Domain age (i.e. how long you’ve had the domain in question)

-Back links from quality sites

-On-page SEO

-Consistently posting fresh content

-Submitting a site map to Google

Question: How is the professional life of a copywriter? What skills are required to excel at copywriting?

My answer: Check out this article.

Question: How can I increase traffic to my blog?

My answer: This article deals with that exact topic.

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