Every morning there’s a grayness
I pull the sheets over my head
And I pray for the evenings
That I can get back into my bed
Beyond the window sun is shining 
But the light never finds my face
It seems that since you’ve left me
I’ve been living in this daze
On your pillow just your teardrops
Drying with the days
And the pain is like an ocean
It comes in restless waves
Now all that’s left is heartache 
A cold and cruel machine 
It spreads through me like poison
The ache of memory

Posted by Charl Mijnhardt

Charl Mijnhardt is an established freelance writer with a special interest in wellness and mental health. He is also an experienced technical writer with many years' experience writing for the security industry. He currently lives in South Africa with his wife, Nastasia, and his cat, Gizmo. Hire him to write engaging copy for your website, blog, e-book, newsletter or marketing communications.

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