About Me


Who is Charl Mijnhardt and what does he want?

It all started with an email…

My journey so far has been so absolutely incredible and the road that life has taken me on so spectacular, that most days I can hardly believe it myself. My life could have turned out so differently, and yet here I am doing what I love. What a notion!

I started my professional life in the engineering sector (in fact, I hold a tertiary qualification in electronic engineering) and, while I excelled at my job, I felt no passion for it. Writing is what I truly wanted to do, so I did various freelance writing jobs to satisfy, at least temporarily, my love for the craft. All the while, my soul cried out for more. I became bitterly unhappy and felt resigned to the fact that I would forever be doing something that did nothing for me emotionally.

Then a remarkable thing happened.

One day while I was working as a support engineer for a leading access automation manufacturer, I sent an email to a client in Australia offering some assistance on a technical issue he had been having, and I copied in the sales and marketing director. I did this simply because he had briefed me on the client’s requirements and I wanted to ensure that he knew that it was taken care of.

He was so impressed with my writing that, right there and then, I was promoted to a position that didn’t even exist in the company at the time: I became a full-time copywriter – and my life truly began at the age of 26. I was later promoted again, this time to the role of communications specialist.

I will be forever grateful to this amazing man who saw my potential and gave me the opportunity to write full-time and to earn a salary doing what I love.

Paying it forward

That email changed my life.

Nowadays, I spend most of my time writing content that changes my clients’ lives. Whether I’m writing editorial pieces on the latest crime trends or equipping new writers with the skills to make it big in the freelance world, I love sharing knowledge and writing words that elicit emotional responses not only from readers, but from myself.

I’m a storyteller

I’m in the business of connecting brands with their clients through the magic of storytelling. My real passion lies in writing about people, giving life to their stories, documenting their personal and professional journeys and gaining unique perspectives about the world.

Stop being satisfied with mediocre writing. You deserve better, and so do your clients

If you’re tired of mediocre copy, sloppy writing and content that is only inspiring in that it inspires clients to fall asleep, you’ve come to the right place to change all that.