How to Build Your Reputation as a Blogger

You write inspired, amazing content; the kind of stuff that would make Steinbeck himself smash his typewriter to smithereens, resigned to the fact that his work could never live up to your refined, moving prose. You write the kind of...

/ September 5, 2017
Common blogging mistakes and how to avoid them

Blogging Bad: 5 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

The beauty of blogging is how deliciously accessible it is. Virtually anyone can become a blogger and, theoretically at least, become quite well-known from it. It isn’t a craft that’s reserved solely for society’s upper crust with their fancy college...

/ August 27, 2017

How to Build Your First WordPress Blog From Scratch in 4 Easy Steps

There are plenty of blogs and tutorials out there explaining the strategic side of starting your own blog, for example finding your niche, promoting via social media, etc. Let me be clear, those things are über important and essential to...

/ July 27, 2017