How to become a copywriter

How To Become A Copywriter

Copywriters are the people responsible for coming up with the written content (called copy) for different kinds of marketing material, for example ads, brochures, editorial and, of course, blog posts. More often than not, copywriters are also in charge of...

/ October 1, 2017

Thinking Of Giving Up? Read This First

Some days are good, and some days are bad, and yesterday I had a bad day. I’m not afraid to admit this because, despite my majestic beard, I am still just a human being, and human beings have bad days...

/ September 22, 2017
Art is uncomfortable

Art, By Its Very Nature, Is Uncomfortable

Art, By Its Very Nature, Is Uncomfortable A couple of years ago, I visited a well-known and extremely popular flea market in Johannesburg, South Africa. At that particular flea market, there was a stall called The Little Shop of Strange...

/ September 16, 2017
Professional graphic designer

5 Awesome Free Tools To Make Your Content Stand Out

Let’s face it, not everyone is a professional graphic designer. Take me, for example. When I was a kid, my drawings were so bad that my parents told me that we couldn’t afford fridge magnets just so they wouldn’t have to...

/ September 6, 2017
10 Songs That Help Me Write Better

The 10 Songs That Make Me Feel Unstoppable (And Help Me Write Better Content)

As a general rule, I favor adaptability and flexibility in life. You know, because shit is unpredictable. However, there are a few key things that I consider to be non-negotiable: Writing for the love of it, and not to please...

/ August 30, 2017